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Where is the best place to find deals the bank has recently been involved in? Ideally you will be able to get Capital IQ access from someone else many universities and business schools also offer it to students. If not, you will have to do Google searches or look up specific, recent deals and see if you can find the banks attached to them sometimes the official press releases state this.

Should we mention the name of people we met at a different office than the one we are applying for? Great article as always! Do Google searches for recent deals the bank has worked on. Ideally, gain access to Capital IQ or other paid subscription services that give you information on recent deals and the roles of banks in those deals.

P Morgan interview. PS: I know people from these other banks and they do big deals as well. There is no real way to answer that question because effectively, bankers are almost the same across all firms, and deals are very similar at large banks. Brian, How do I convey my interests for working for a small boutique?

Google the firm and find deals or press releases about them, or get access to Capital IQ and use that to find deals. Regarding the use of contacts acquired through networking, is it wrong to name analysts and associates or is it just as relevant as naming VPs and MDs? I was thinking telling something personal even in written form would help me distinguish myself. So I would not go into your own personal background unless you can somehow make it concise and still tie it in to the firm.

Great article!! Do you have any other suggestions that I could talk about? Judging by what ive read on this website about recruiting and on some other sites too , think all bankers when it comes to recruiting are nothing but hypocrites. If they themselves went in for the money they dont want the interviewee to say the same. Money is part of it, but not the only reason they are in it.

It is also about advancement, prestige, doing something exciting and fast-paced, etc. Got asked that at an assessment center London by a veteran MD and I honestly thought this was probably the most useless question he could come up with. Looked like the perfect trap.

Here's our cheat sheet to the 22 best deals of Prime Day 12222 (so far):

But I agree that it is a dumb question. Is there a personal email where we can ask you individual questions? Feel free to leave a comment on this site or within the BIWS site, or reply to one of my newsletters. I am a 3rd year undergrad from a non-target in recruitment processes for middle market internships.

Because of my lack of experience in IB I interned in corp. I talked to a MM Director and she actually suggested I mention it in interviews. What if you are not applying to a deal-making role but rather a support one? At most large banks it is not.

For mentioning recent deals, if I am interviewing for London office, should I go for something done by the office instead of some high-profile deal done by the NY team? It might help a bit, but any deal done by the bank would be fine. Your email address will not be published.

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