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Bagliani, F. Paravicini ed. Les pays romands au Moyen Age. Lausanne Bagnall, R. Papyrologica Bruxellensia Bruxelles ," Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau 78 , pp. Baker, Julian and Matthew Ponting. Bakes, James R. Bust Right," The Celator Bust r. Extrapolating from the veiled and draped bust on a medallion of the deified empress Faustina the Elder Gnecchi II, plate 56, 5 , artist James Bakes, has drawn, and describes in detail, the full raiment of the empress as it might have appeared.

The articles of clothing described in the illustration are the stola, worn over the tunica intima an undergarment , the palla a square of cloth over the stola , and solae sandals. Other items of foot wear mentioned are soci slippers worn in private and calcei footwear for use outdoors. Robert I. Balesteri, Lou. Iola, WI:Krause Publications, Balmuth, Miriam S. New York Ban, Herbert and Ivan Mirnik.

Barbieri, G. Bartczak, Andrzej. Barello, Federico. Barrage, Fawzan. Barrage, Fawzan and Warren C. Barth, Matthias. Bartlett, Richard. Basok, Alexander. Bates, Michael L. Baumheckel, Ken. Bauslaugh, Robert A. L'histoire des guerres mithridatiques vue par les monnaies. Numismatica Lovanensia Approaching the Ancient World. Becker, Wolf-Dieter and. Important for dating the tomb was a Lugdunum as? Beckmann, Martin. This article presents in a concise fashion a look at the antiquities trade, its causes and effects, and the problems it creates.

Current international attempts to control the antiquities trade seems doomed to only partial success at best due to difficulties of enforcement. Victor Kess. The study focusses mainly on the gold and silver issues and to a lesser extent the bronze with the view to assessing the validity of four theories. Symes notes that the coins were an effective method of suggestion and propaganda; 2.

Jones' view is that some have obvious propaganda value but doubted if some of the complex messages deduced from the coinage would have been understood by the populace; 3. Galinsky's opinion is that they were not intended to have propaganda value; and 4. Levick suggests that the mint officials selected the types to flatter the emperor. To help evaluate these theories in a wider context, the paper examines some of the Augustan buildings and monuments that are shown on coinage and, just as importantly, those that are not.

The conclusion is that the buildings and monuments shown on coins were mainly event-oriented and so were intended to publicize these events. A comparison is also made with Augustus' document the Res Gestae: an appendix lists the datable events from this work and their numismatic parallels. The conclusion is that Augustus' victories, his honors, and his successors, are principal themes on his coins and that he most likely directed them himself.

Bedoukian, Paul Z. Saryan trans. The second installment of Dr. Paul Z. The earliest coins struck by Rome which make reference to Armenia were struck circa BC by Marc Antony who was a Roman general at the time. Discussed in the article is general biography of Antony and his dealings with the Armenian king Artavasdes II in relation to his attempt to subjugate the Parthians. Two silver denarii are described which depict Marc Antony and the tiara or royal headgear worn by kings of the Armenian Artaxiad dynasty. The Roman emperor Augustus Caesar struck several types of hold and silver coins referring to events in Armenia which took place during his reign.

Armenia in 20 BC, although not a province, became a client-ally of Rome and on this occasion, Augustus issued coins on which the name of Armenia is inscribed. At he time of the death of Augustus, no further coins relating to Armenia were struck in his name.

Coupon italo welt

Bekic, Luka. Bell, Benjamin R. Bell, Geoffrey G. Bell, R. Bellemare, Pierre Marc. This study of the reverse types, mainly on Alexandrian billon tetradrachms, and a few bronze drachms, indicates that the mint had specific plans concering which members of the imperial family should, or should not share reverses. The work is based on the standard publications.

The imperial persons are Valerian, Gallienus, Salonina, wife of Gallienus, and their sons Valerian the younger, and Salonicus. Four distinct periods are recognized based on the regnal years: 1 Years 1 and 2: , only coins of Valerian and Gallienus, 2 Years 3 to 8: coins of all the imperial family 3 Years 9 and ,. Year 8: has a unique pattern, because of Valerian's capture by the Persians, the death of Salonicus, the appearance of the usurper Macrianus under whom the mint ceased to produce coins of Valerian and Gallienus, and the restoration of Gallienus as sole emperor.

Each period is treated in detail noting which reverse types were given solely to one or other of the imperial personages and which were shared. This is one of three articles. Series 2, Vol. A detailed study of the reverses on Alexandrian billon tetradrachms and bronze drachms of Philip I, his wife, and son, for the seven regnal years of Philip's reign. Some examples of the different patterns that develop are: Year 1: Ten reverses are assigned solely to Philip I and five different reverses are shared between him and his wife.

Year 4: 17 reverses solely for Philip, 3 solely for his wife and 5 solely for his son. Years 5 and 6: billon tetradrachms and bronze drachms are issued and each has its own distinct pattern of unshared and shared reverses. Year 6 is different from all the others in that of the 15 known reverses on the billon tetradrachms, 7 are for Philip, 2 for him and his son, 4 solely for his wife, and 2 solely for his son. However, for the drachms in the same year there are 4 reverses solely for Philip, 2 shared by him and his wife, 3 shared by him and his son, 2 for him, his wife, and his son, 2 solely for his wife, 1 for his wife and son, and 4 solely for his son.

Thus all possible permutations for the three people are present on the drachms for year 6. When the reign ended early in year 7, only unshared reverses are known; 3 for Philip, 3 for his wife, and 3 for his son. These variations of the patterns of sharing between the imperial family members relate to the changing dynastic goals hoped to be achieved during the reign.

This is the second of three articles. Part III a of the third article in this series studies five reigns or joint reigns in which the Alexandrian mint struck coins for more than one imperial person. The pattern of issues for each reign is detailed in the same fashion as the other articles. The main criteria are whether or not the reverses are attributed solely to each person, or shared between two or more. The conclusions drawn from these patterns reflect on the status of equality or inequality of the imperial persons, and may be modified by the rarity or commonness of the respective coins, and by the events of the reigns, such as marriages, abrupt terminations, etc.

Part I in Series 2, Vol. Bendall, Simon. A detailed discussion of the methods used for striking late Byzantine scyphate coins, which due to their curvature are much more difficult to produce than flat coins. The suggestion is advanced that if such coins were struck twice with the upper die rocked slightly from side to side a fuller impression would result. Beginning in the mid to late 12th century, a join between the two obverse sides seems to indicate the change from rocking to lifting the obverse die between blows. Another possibility is the use of two upper dies, which can be identified when each die is of a slightly different design.

The author provides examples of coins that demonstrate the various possible striking techniques. A purchase of counterfeit guineas in Deptford, Kent in , as a decoy in the event of a robbery by highwaymen. Martin Allen. Berger, Frank. Turnhout ," Historia Berghaus, Peter. Julius Menadier 7. August Gandersheim - Januar Berlin," Geldgeschichtliche Nachrichten 34 , pp.

Berk, Harlan J. Berkhout, Nina H. Three groups of Mauretanian coinage are examined; those bearing only Juba's title; those bearing titles of both Juba and Cleopatra Selene; and those with only the titles of Cleopatra Selene. Juba's titles on the coins depicting him alone have Latin inscriptions in contrast to Greek for Selene's titles.

Some of Juba's coins pay homage to Augustus, his benefactor, and others show a strong Egyptian influence even before his marriage to Selene indicating the Romanization of Egyptian influences. The coins with titles of both Juba and Selene depict his diademed portrait and Latin text, but the reverses give Selene's title in Greek accompanied by Egyptian symbols. Thus it appears that Selene is anxious to depict herself in a royal context. Two theories are offered for the coins bearing only Selene's titles.

The first suggests that the coins were struck during a four year period when Juba was travelling in the east and she was acting as his regent: If this is correct her death would have been about AD 11 or later. The second theory is that they were minted after her death as a tribute to the deceased queen. Evidence is presented to support both possibilities but no preference is indicated.

Since no marriages or offspring are recorded he is the last member of the House of Ptolemy. Bernardi, Giulio. Bertolone, A. Edizione di tre monete rinvenute in un medesimo ripostiglio a Chiomonte, presso Susa. Si tratta di un tremisse di Grenoble del VII sec. Becker, Bernd. Bergmann, Jens.

Hagen Berrol, Ronn. Bertolaccini, Luisa and Rahel Warburton-Ackermann. Bertsch, Wolfgang. Supplement Autumn , pp. Besly, E. It was probably buried at the time of a royalist rising in the area in The hoard is published in full and appendices describe a gold ring from the hoard, the hoard's container, and comparative hoards of the period.

The probate inventory of Llewellin Harrie, contemporary owner of Tregwynt, is published. Edward Besly. Betz, Gabriela. The author discusses the symbols on medals featuring Carlos, the son of Philip II of Spain, presenting him as future ruler. Bhandare, Shailendra. Bhandare, Shailendra and Stefan Heidemann. The Mint-Town Zafarnagar, 2. Bilak, Richard.

Bitner, John W. Blackburn, Mark. Bloom, W. Journal 11 , pp. Bobbitt, Stephen L. Swiatek: "The Teacher"," The Numismatist Bock, Dieter. The author describes prize medals for students issued at the Dresden Technical School between and The last prize was distributed in Boddington, Captain J. Two new decorations are described and illustrated by the author. Boehringer, Ch. La monetazione di Messana. Boffa, Serge. Bopearachchi, Osmund. This article introduces a group of coins, moulds, seals and sealings found in Sri Lanka.

On the basis of palaeography, the coins can be dated between the second century BC and second century AD. The oldest inscribed coins attested in the island, until this recent discovery, cannot be dated before the ninth century AD. Bopearachchi, Osmund and Klaus Grigo. A hoard of Graeco-Bactrian gold staters from Vaisili. Borodovskij, Arkadij P. The author describes two children's tombs of the 7th century AD at Umna figs. English summary on p. Bose, S. Bourne, Marcy Leavitt. Her medal depicts a dandelion 'clock'. Marcy Leavitt Bourne. The sculptor and medallist Theo van de Vathorst was born in Utrecht in , and has been much honoured in the Netherlands, where his public sculpture is sited in the open air and in a number of public buildings and corporations.

Profile of Leonda Finke, sculptor and medallist. Profile of Ronald Pennell, an artist in glass and bronze. Bourne, R. Brace, Bruce R. Brace, B. Coinage in the Roman Economy, B. Togo Salmon Papers II. Some of his coins and medallions, issued in the later part of his reign, c. AD , show spectacular portraits of him wearing the Nemean lion skin headdress made famous by Alexander the Great. Lake Nemi, ancient Lake Nemorensis, in the Alban Hills, has a long history, some of it mythological going back to the founding of Rome. Of significance is the sacred grove of Diana.

Some of the theories relating to this cult and its origins are discussed. The numismatic connection lies with P. Accoleius Lariscolus, whose denarii Crawford are detailed including the three variations of hairstyle of the obverse goddess and the three standing figures on the reverse with a grove of three cypress trees behind.

The three figures probably represent Diana as a tripartite goddess; Diana the Huntress; Luna-Selene, the moon goddess; and Hecate, goddess of the nether world. Lake Nemi was partially drained in and two huge barges, thought to be pleasure barges of the time of Caligula, were raised. These 20 x 70 metre vessels were well preserved, but unfortunately destroyed by fire in Brace, Dorte. The article discusses the possible origins of these imitative coins and suggests that at least some of them are Bulgarian imitatives and the rest are Latin imitatives.

Hoards buried prior to do not contain Latin imitatives and the imitatives they do contain are considered by some scholars to be Bulgarian in origin. There is considerable controversy on this matter. Hoards buried after , however, contain only Latin imitatives. The paper uses the work of Hendy and the 5 volume Catalogue of the Byzantine Coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and the Whittemore Collection, especially volume 4 parts 1 and 2. The first part of the article briefly describes the complex history leading to the Latin occupation.

The second part deals with the imitative and clipped coins of the time. Eight typical Latin imitatives all trachea from Constantinople , three billon trachea and one copper half-tetarteron from Thessalonica are illustrated and described in detail. Braccesi, Lorenzo ed. Roma Bradt, Don. Illustrations of possible replacement notes in the Canadian Tire scrip series. Descriptions and illustrations of "different 4", "cat at gas bar" and "Lake Winnipegosis" varieties of Canadian Tire gas bar scrip.

A description and illustration of a humorous imitation of Canadian Tire scrip printed for the Metropolitan Life insurance company. Braunlin, Michael. Breitsprecher, Marc. Brenner, Sandy. Brindley, James C. Bringmann, Klaus. Several photos of Roman republican and early imperial coins are illustrated in the book. Brouillette, Pierre. Brown, Harold. Drummond," Canadian Paper Money Newsletter 9. Bruhn, Dieter.

A biography of this medallist working mainly for Loos and the Berlin mint. Brunk, Gregory G. The author comments upon the origins and prior use of a fake beaver pelt token of the North West Company. Brunnert, Uwe. Because of a shortage of small change in and , the municipality of Siegen issued coins and paper money from 5 to 50 pfennigs. Bulmer, Jim. Bumiller, Casimir ed. Schwaben vor Jahren und das Villinger Marktrecht.

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Begleitband zur Ausstellung im Franziskanermuseum Villingen August Villingen-Schwenningen Katalozi i monografije 12 , pp. The authors describe the ancient and medieval coins found during the course of excavations. Ivan Mirnik. Burkhardt, A. Burns, Jasper K. Livia Drusilla was the wife of Augustus, the first Roman emperor, the mother of his successor Tiberius, and the grandmother of the Emperor Claudius. She was one of the most powerful women in Roman history and the first to receive the title "Augusta", and later came to be known as "mater patriae" or mother of the fatherland.

By the time of Augustus' death at age 75 on August 19, AD 14 after 51 years of marriage, Livia's wealth, power, and influence we astonishing. In AD 22 a coin was issued with her image as Salus Augusta marking the first time a coin of the Roman Imperial mint had been issued in honor of a living woman. When Livia died in AD 29 at the age of 86, statues of her were in every town and city in the Roman world.

Burrell, Barbara. Holum, A. Raban and J. Caesarea Papers. JRA Suppl. Butcher, K. Amandry and I. Roman Provincial Coinage. Supplement I. Amandry and P. Roman Provincial Coinage II. From Vespasian to Domitian AD Cable-Camilleis, Ken. A concise summary of the history of early gold production, followed by personal research notes ranging from the very specific "a small planchet chip on the Thomas Serfass. Caine, Edward A. A Treasury of Jewish Coins. Campagnolo, Matteo. Campbell, Francis. North, ," American Numismatic Society Magazine 1. Cancio, Leopoldo. Carradice, Ian. Carroccio, B. Chabot, L.

Bronzen mit einem Gewicht von meist unter 0. Bernhard Weisser. Challis, C. Note I fleshes out the careers of two provosts of the moneyers in the Tower mint: Robert Harry Yonge d. Note II publishes the text of the pyx trial held in , relating to the experimental alteration of the silver weight standard in the previous year.

Charpentier-Darcy, Madeleine. Chauchoy, Ph. Chevillon, J. Chiszar, David and Hobart M. Chowdhury, Vasant. Christ, Karl. Several enlarged photos of later republican coins illustrate this monograph. Christmann, Thorsten H. Chugg, Andrew. Chun-Cheung Lam, Otto. Clancy, Kevin. Clarke, G. Connor, L. Crewe, B. Frohlich, H. Jackson, J. Littleton, C. Nixon, M. O'Hea, and D. Sydney Numerous Seleucid as well as late Roman, Byzantine and Islamic coins are catalogued in the chapter on coins found on the site.

Clarke, William N. The author discusses archive photographs of Hastings Street, Vancouver, showing the original location of Jacoby Bros. The local brach of the Dominion Bank is also depicted. Clayton, Peter A. Clermont, Andre P. Clute, S. Cohen, Edward E. Cook, B. A catalogue and discussion of coin finds recovered by one metal detectorist across twenty years of activity in the small town and ferry port of South Ferriby.

The report adds to the accumulating body of evidence for currency use in later medieval and early modern England. Significant coin use is apparent on this site from the late 12th century onwards. This article considers the considerable range of documentary references to the Byzantine gold coin known in the West as the bezant, in English administrative, financial and legal sources for the period of the Angevin monarchy, It suggests that the role of the bezant in the general English currency and in some specialised areas of use has been underestimated by recent commentators.

Cottam, G. Coupland, Simon. Cox, Sarah E. Crafter, T. The aim of this paper is to re-evaluate the classification and internal chronology of the Cross-and-Crosslets Tealby coinage last comprehensively formulated in Irregular coins akin to class C are assigned to a separate class, and the evidence furnished by the Pipe Rolls and hoards is re-examined.

A new chronology is applied to statistical evidence for the number of dies, single finds and hoards, and wastage rates are assessed. An Appendix lists the hoards. Creighton, John. Cambridge Cribb, Joe. Cuddeford, Michael J. Cuff, Bill. New serial number varieties, replacement notes and miscut notes in the Canadian Tire series are illustrated. Cummins, Alvin J. Cunningham, Norman.

Cunz, Reiner ed. Hamburg Danforth, Brian J. Dannenberg, Hans-Dieter. A series of pfennigs with the letters from A to F and a standing or sitting saint on the obverse, previously attributed to various mints, is identified as a serial coinage of Magdeburg. Most of the coins are struck in the names of the archbishops of Magdeburg. Da Silva, Carlos Baptista. This Biennial, from 6 November to 15 January , brought together the works of 61 artists from many countries. The prize-winning works are described. The first prize was divided between two Portuguese artists: Helder Batista, for his medal the Cornfield and Wind, and David Catarino, for passing of the Second Millennium.

Carlos Baptista Da Silva. Davies, Glyn. Davignon, Keith. The author of the Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Dollars provides information on newly discovered contemporary counterfeits. He has added 78 to his previous listing, bringing the total up to Notable additions are six varieties originally listed in Riddle's Monograph of the Silver Dollar. Interested parties may anonymously submit information on counterfeits in their collections or make research inquiries. The author, along with Brad Karoleff, has published what functions as a supplement to the book including a socioeconomic analysis of the counterfeiting period in Circulating Counterfeits of the Americas edited by John Kleeberg, from the ANS COAC November 7, Davis, Kirk.

An account of Eloye Mestrelle and the first experiments in producing machine made milled gold and silver coinage for Elizabeth I in England. The new milled techniques failed to take over from the hammered coins and it was another hundred years before machine made coins became the norm. The article places Mestrelle's ten years in England in a wider historical context using quotations from contemporary archival sources.

Mestrelle was clearly a competent engineer and engraver he made the dies himself and his story ends sadly with his conviction and death by hanging on charges of counterfeiting. Dawson, Aileen. Day Jr. De Jersey, Philip. Delrieux, Fabrice and Hans-Markus von Kaenel. Discussion of the statue on Alexander and Seleucid tetradrachms and drachms e. After introducing themselves with a number of excellent singles, ' Bad Luck Party' sees the promising New Zealand-based quartet Miss June tackle the full-length album.

Signed with impeccable NY label Frenchkiss , they deal in raging, full-blown riffs while retaining the cerebral aspects of the DIY scene that spawned them. Living legend, Iggy Pop , has been dogged by insecurity all his life. He wanted to feel free, so he allowed that feeling to take over, and Free, his 19th solo album, developed from there.

It is different in tone to its predecessor, finding Iggy in a pensive and solemn mood. Afrodeutsche has been rocking dancefloors recently with her vision of electronic music rooted in Kraftwerk's blueprint via Detroit ala UR, Drexciya etc. With a whopping 66 tracks delivered in a taut 80 minutes, Flippies Best Tape saw legendary hip-hop producer Odd Nosdam in his element, piecing together a bewildering range of source material for samples - everything from garage rock to dub and jazz - for one of the most singular sonic experiences in recent memory.

Now, it gets a loving double-LP re-issue. Pitched somewhere between IDM and straight house music, Utility is the debut solo album from producer Sam Barker , following up on his well-received EP Debiasing last year. The record spans nine tracks of inner-space travel, beginning as psychedelic thumbnail sketches and thrashed out into electronic epics. Here we have four tracks of ambient techno from a highly respected quartet of producers: Spacetime Continuum , Scanner , Ross and Leo Anibaldi.

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This uplifting EP perfectly blends the old and the new and is likely to cure what ails ya, so give it a go. He appeared along with a number of trailblazing electronic acts such as Human League , Cabaret Voltaire and The Normal. His particular blend of industrial and new wave was played on synths and whatever he had lying about such as drills and electric razors and had a pop edge.

Filth Pig is the sixth album by industrial metalers Ministry. It originally saw the light of day way back in I must be getting old because I always think of Filth Pig as one of their recent albums. Jourgensen must have been mortified. That sleeve with its hazed-out images of a big flapping bird should tell you that we are in the presence of some pretty nifty modular synth gear. Copenhagen duo Astral TV own a vast collection of synthesizers which they use to make their second batch of Vangelis inspired, slowly unfurling synth compositions. Sit back, relax and let's let the synths do the talking.

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Sandro Perri albums are like London buses - you wait ages for one, then two come along next to each other. The Tall Trees nice name are led by a lad called Paul more precisely known as Paul Schalda - a Staten Island based singer songwriter with a soulful and romantic style. This is his second album and has drawn comparisons as wildly varied as Otis Redding , The Band and Fugazi 's Ian Mackaye leading to a concoction of timelessly emotional pieces with a gravel in the voice and a tear in the eye.

Perfect Body thanks! Mermaidens debut made more than a few ripples on the circuit following its release on legendary New Zealand label Flying Nun. Now it's time for album number two from the Wellington trio and in Look Me In The Eye they continue their dissection of guitar music with an exhilarating and thought provoking ride heavy on female harmony and powerful dynamics.

Malmo's Hater return with a standalone 7" featuring two brand new tracks and following on from their Fire debut Siesta from back in They make dreamy, angular pop music with vocal nods to Nico cutting through guitar led ambience to wallow in what they self describe as a beautiful mess. Title may or may not be Rugby related.

Here we have another of those highly sought-after records that people pay large amounts for in the second had market. Spirits Rejoice! By Louis Moholo Octet is a free jazz masterpiece, originally released in Now it is reissued at a more palatable price. A trio boasting the mighty rhythm section of the legendary Fugazi, The Messthetics release their second studio album Anthropocosmic Nest.

It's dark and meandering with plenty of synths and haunting atmospheres. As with all volumes in this series, it makes you feel like you're wandering around an abandoned spaceship at night. What's not to love? You know an instrument maker is important when albums start being named after it. Although, according to Namlook, the series was not an homage to Pink Floyd , it is still expansive, genre-bending, and mind-expanding, with proggy undertones and synth aplenty. Like Interpol before them, they've chosen to follow up an album with a 5 track EP length release.

Is this a new thing to do? We'll see if it catches on. Meanwhile the least you can do is enjoy some more emotional guitar pop from Ben Gibbard and the boys. Maya Bouldry-Morrison delivers her third studio album as Octo Octa , released on the label run by herself and her partner. It's very difficult to know what sort of music Tokyo Shoegazer make, I know. Those loud bits do sound really good mind.

Inscribed Power: Amulets and Magic in Early Spanish Literature

Their fourth studio album, ' The Competition' , is befitting of their status in , their normally languorous demeanour now injected with more urgency in a suite of songs examining the dehumanising effects of the twilight of capitalism. His later work may have gone all synthy and sophisticated and he may have now taken to wearing sunglasses on his album sleeves but go back to and Josh Rouse was just a folky songwriter out of Nebraska with a clutch of mournful songs in tow.

The 'Influence EP' was reportedly influenced eh? If lead single 'Burning News' is anything to go by, expect moody vibes and deadpan vocals. Royal Trux and Ariel Pink together at last - two of America's more dysfunctional functioning units. A full on collaboration would be intense but what this appears to be is five songs from the Trux latest album White Stuff remixed by Mr Pink. From the sounds of lead track Suburban Junky Lady it sounds quite unnervingly like Prince. Sleazy and slinky, it could be a match made in heaven.

With mouth on permanent droopy open mode Adam Green has enjoyed a long and varied career since he formed the Moldy Peaches with Kimya Dawson in the mid '90s. His most recent solo work was a film interpretation of Aladdin in which the cast were all made of papier mache. His 10th solo album Engine of Paradise is perhaps less loopy concerning itself with ruminations on life and the afterlife.

He occasional knocks great songs right out of the park so as always this will be an essential listen. On Amandla: Music For The People the artist selects music from around the world that builds up a composite picture of his wide-ranging influences. Some lovely shoegazey indie from Indonesian group Bedchamber here. All in all Geography is a delightful thing. Crisis was produced by Bullion , dontcha know. Yeah indeed, for this single from then-fledgling act LCD Soundsystem remains one of the finest things James Murphy has put his name to. This pair emerged from the same New York scene that birthed Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors , and the influence of both groups can be felt on this record of zany, hyperactive and experimental indie-rock.

Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow have previous when it comes to writing for the screen - the pair teamed up to score Ex-Machina and Annihilation - but they clearly had something else in mind when they were roped in to compose the music for the first series of Hanna. The tunes here are slick blends of various tropes from across the scene - chugging grooves, anthemic choruses, gang vocals and just the occasional hint of screamo. Room40 have been on an excellent run of late, with releases from artists like Siavash Amini , Kevin Martin The Bug and Merzbow all emerging on the label in recent months.

Composed entirely on a Moog System 55, this set of tender synthesiser ambiences and gently hissing electroacoustics is a woozy delight. The Ganzfeld, or 'total field', effect details humans' tendency to perceive patterns in formless sensory information. It's an effect that Erkki Veltheim has explored on his new album 'Ganzfield Experiment', where he has attempted to induce 'an ecstatic experience Originally released in , Johnson freely admits that the album was hugely influenced by Disco Inferno , that brilliant ahead of their time act who burned out too quickly.

A true classic. A very generous 24 songs, including a Ramones cover! Reissued by Music On Vinyl. Bringing music from the underground Glaswegian music scene comes the self-titled record from Helicon. Formed back in , they have been a staple, a necessity if you will, of the 'up-and-coming' music scene in Glasgow and this record does not disappoint. Lyrics for the first track are lovingly borrowed from one Oscar Wilde. Now on their third studio album since their mid-Noughties reunion eventually led to some new music, Beneath The Eyrie sees the legendary Pixies continue to polish their impressive legacy.

Kim Deal or no deal? If the you've stuck with them this long I reckon I can guess. It's hard to know exactly what that means but part of it seems to be about looking out rather than in. Musically we've got overwrought and emotional anthems with a bit of saxophone and church organ for good measure.

Birth of Violence is the seventh album by Chelsea Wolfe. She does her best to be unpigeonholable but if you want a genre as a touchstone, perhaps experimental ambient doom metal-folk? On Sargent House. Working with Robyn and moving from Paris back to England to live on a hill have informed and inspired the new set of songs. The album is the culmination of critical and commercial success that has seen his songs be streamed millions of times and him play a session on BBC 6 Music for Tom Ravenscroft.

Such a breath of fresh air when he burst onto the scene in the early Noughties, freak-folk legend Devendra Banhart is now on his tenth studio album and shows no signs of stopping. Having been out of print for 20 years, it gets a deluxe 30th anniversary re-issue, on double vinyl, 5xCD box set and a special 7xLP limited edition collection. Roberts has been known to mix traditional songs with originals. Here, on this collection of original material, he takes his inspiration from songs, performance and thoughts from the last years or so.

Home Made Satan is a set of emotional, widescreen rock and emo from the Ontario native. The end result is like a more sonorous version of fellow Gizeh act Several Wives. Sampa The Great has been cusping on stardom for a while now. The Return is a barnstorming album, one on which Sampa Tembo draws strength from both her Southern African roots and hip-hop history. The sixth solo album from Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys is typically internationalist in its outlook.

Recorded and produced between Cardiff and Johannesburg, Pang! Rhys has recorded a welter of sonically diverse solo works, so expect Pang! Steve Moore has spent more time composing for the big and little screens these past few years, but if anything this experience seems to have made his output less 'cinematic' in the traditional sense.

Only on the closing cut does Moore come close to his older sound, with the rest of Steve Moore opting for a sparse blend of kosmische synths and lilting programmed beats. Recently unearthed from the archives of Viv Records - the D. Robert Sotelo returns to Upset The Rhythm with another set of charmingly idiosyncratic ballads. Sotelo has always had a knack for combining the intimacy of your classic singer-songwriter fare with the angular quirk of post-punk - think a plugged-in Richard Dawson , John Maus with the effects switched off, or perhaps a more erstwhile King Krule.

Infinite Sprawling chronicles changes in Sotelo's life - a move from London to Glasgow, a final trip to visit his mother in Argentina - with affecting sensitivity. This one has the potential to be a cult hit, so maybe cop Infinite Sprawling early in order to claim bragging rights later on. These songs are more than forty years old, but have a powerful message that needs to be heard today. Laying down just 10 tracks, which appeared variously on singles and compilations over and , Giving Birth To Thunder sees the Numero Group label gather all their recordings in one place for the very first time, along with some lovingly assembled liner notes and media.

Having made her name as the lead singer of indie-rock veterans Blonde Redhead, Adult Baby represents the first-ever solo album from Kazu Makino. Yusef Lateef is a jazz legend who pioneered the fusion of jazz and Eastern music. His influence is still being felt today, as evidenced by this new tribute album by Nat Birchall entitled 'The Storyteller'.

The album is made up of interpretations of Lateef songs and originals written by Birchall that share his approach to making music. This is a hugely varied album containing a variety of lesser-known instruments and strange time signatures. Big sounds, big scope, big story telling. The first thing to note about southern Californian grunge punksters is that they are led by Riley Hawk son of legendary skateboard guy Tony Hawk.

Seems young Riley wants to bring the sludge back into indie rock and so has got together with a couple of pals to make something that has been described as Insecticide - era Nirvana crossed with the garage-punk of the Misfits. Expect bludgeoning riffs and lots of noise. Released in , Wake Up! We did not encounter any safety threats while testing this website. We did not find any data about italo-welt.

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