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Hallucination Before Christmas - December 13th & 14th

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Its a night that gives us an excuse to dress crazy, dance all night, and to come together this holiday season, as we meet up with all of our friends sharing toasts all night about what the music has done to bring us all together. Jingle janglin' in your area, causin' mass hysteria, back with the celebration that will make you wish that Christmas came more than once a year. The annual Hallucination Recordings holiday pimps up, hallucination before christmas coupon code Hallucination Before Christmas shared Blood on the Turntables's post.

Hallucination Before Christmas 2008 Behind The Scenes With DJ Matt G.

Jingle janglin' in your area, causin' mass hysteria, we're back with the celebration that will make y Review: Christmas Town Meets The Castle at Hallucination Before Christmas Lots of lasers and a naked old man. Ybor is a counterculture crossroads for nearly every subgenera of rebellion there is.