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It is similar in style to the Haunted House ride but with an entirely different storyline and more high tech special effects. This land is where mysterious forces and supernatural events occur in the heart of a dense, uncharted Papua New Guinea rainforest and where an explorer named Lord Henry Mystic lives in Mystic Manor, of course. Here, different counter-order stations feature Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian food. This Hong Kong Disneyland restaurant has five dining rooms themed after various part of the world. All food on the menu here is also Halal. Mystic Point also has a frozen dessert snack cart.

Beware that these treats melt quickly in the summer. This is my favorite ride in the entire park and an excellent intro to roller coasters for younger kids. The launch is cool, too. The rest of Grizzly Gulch is quick to walk through. Eat : Chocolate Banana Dippers I love these at the snack cart bearing the same name. You can also find fresh-cut fruit here, too. The Tahitian Terrace offers quick-service Southeast Asian cuisine. Two carts also sell Korean squid, turkey legs and other snacks.

At age 10, they are a bit old for it, but the theatrics are funny to them. The show is in Cantonese. Iron Man Experience is a big deal because it is exclusive to this park and the first Disney attraction based on a Marvel property. It is awesome. I love how they feature prominent Hong Kong buildings during the ride that, truthfully, might not be recognizable to tourists who just landed.

The eminent innovator and pioneer, Tony Stark has selected Tomorrowland in Hong Kong Disneyland to host Stark Expo, where he will show off his latest high-tech creations in various exhibition halls — the Hall of Legacy, the Hall of Protection , the Hall of Energy and the Hall of Mobility. The park spent over three years to design and create Iron Man Experience — complete with flight simulators, 3-D projection, surround sound and other special effects that immerse guests in the Marvel story of a battle with the evil forces of Hydra. This ride takes the place of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters but is similar in that riders shoot at targets to try to reach the highest score possible.

They have a vast dining area, the counter ordering seems to move quickly, and kids will like the space-themed decor. Like other parks, if you can go right when the park opens on a weekday that is not during a holiday season, this is your best bet. We did go in August recently which is the peak holiday season. It was miserably hot and crowded with loads of tourists from the mainland.

The new Shanghai Disneyland has eased these crowds a little, but they are likely to still be there during school holidays like this.

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But during Easter week recently, when it was considered crowded, a wait for Dumbo one of the most popular rides was 25 minutes. The exception is that the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop can easily be an hour during any season. The Hong Kong Disneyland app will tell you approximately how long the wait times are at certain rides, tell you where and what time certain characters will appear, show a GPS enabled map, make reservations and provide a myriad of other details. Downloading this free app is a must. There are two types of Priority Special admission passes that you can choose to purchase online in advance or when you enter the park.

If staying at a Hong Kong Disneyland hotel, a discounted Priority Special price is available at the front desk. These passes allow guests to enter rides via a shorter queue. If one of these rides is closed, you do not receive an extra Priority Special admission or a discount on pricing.

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During our most recent visit, Toy Soldier Parachute Drop was closed. Two rides have a FastPass option:. This is where you insert your ticket to receive a time to return to a designated expedited line. On crowded days, there will still be a bit of a wait even with a Fast Pass. Everyone in your party must have a FastPass to enter the line, however. There is no limit to the number of FastPasses that you can pull in one day, but you can only have one FastPass per person at a time. At the time of this writing, the price is HKD about USD for up to six people and does not include park admission.

This VIP tour provides direct access to rides of your choice, reserved seating at shows, reserved seating at the daytime parade and evening Paint the Night parade, should either fall during your tour time. I have never needed this tour, but it is worth considering during summer weekends, August, and Chinese New Year or for peace of mind if the possibility of crowds worries you.

Guests who choose to stay in one of the three Hong Kong Disneyland hotels will now receive at least one Priority Admissions Pass. These passes are different from the FastPasses.

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How many and the type you get depends on the room you book. The main reason though is that being this far into the park will put you in prime position to get to your favorite ride first. It used to be that everyone headed to Autopia. Be sure to pack sunscreen and bug spray. The latter is especially useful if staying until nightfall. You are not permitted to bring in outside food or drinks. Adults over the age of 16 are not allowed to dress up. Selfie sticks are not allowed. I brought Bugaboo stroller multiple times and never had an issue with leaving it anywhere in Hong Kong Disneyland while I went on a ride.

However, I never left anything valuable in it, and this is something to be done at your own risk. Stroller rentals are available at the park, too. Character greetings are possible throughout every land in the park. I would say skip this and use the Hong Kong Disneyland app to find other characters to meet. Characters commonly sign autograph books, which you can buy in the Emporium on Main Street. It is a nice souvenir for your kids to have. They can put the stickers that staff around the park will give them in this book, too.

In between the park entrance and the MTR station is a luggage storage area where you can stow bags if need be. They also offer 2-Day Hong Kong Disneyland ticket prices and promotional packages throughout the year. Meal Vouchers : Hong Kong Disneyland now offers the ability to buy meal vouchers in advance.

If you do, you will save HKD To give you an idea, I would buy the 2-in-1 Meal Voucher. The voucher needs to be scanned on your smartphone or a printed copy when ordering your food. The participating restaurants are my favorite anyway, and I find it easy to use. Annual Passes : Magic Passes prices start at HKD for adults are available to all guests, regardless of country of residence. There are various levels of Hong Kong Disneyland annual passes. Whatever you do, I would highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance so you can skip the ticket booth line at the park.

There are now three Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels, and they are all entirely different from each other. The exact number of passes received is based on the type of hotel room booked and, frankly, the details online are a little murky. Each room guest gets an entry with the same pass, up to four per room. These Priority Admission Passes can be redeemed at the attractions listed on the pass. This is what ours looked like. Notes about the hotels : A convenient shuttle runs between the hotels and the park. You can walk from the Hong Kong Disneyland hotels to the park.

That being said, my daughter loves staying at Hong Kong Disneyland, so we usually do for at least one night during our Hong Kong trips. However, I found it good value for money. Kids will love the piano-shaped pool, relaxed vibe and expansive grassy areas to run through.

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Character breakfast and dinner happen here dates and times for the latter vary and the food is honestly not bad. Standard rooms are quite colorful though comfortable. The Rooms start at HKD The room, resort-style Disney Explorers Lodge opened in April This hotel is the luxury option though it pales in comparison to the fabulous five-star hotels elsewhere in Hong Kong.

This hotel is where Crystal Lotus the excellent Cantonese restaurant that offers Disney dim sum , Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and more elaborate character dining is located. There is a pool, a fun hedge maze kids love and nice sea views from the rooms. The park is so easy to get to details below that you could very easily stay in Central or Kowloon in a nicer hotel for the same or less money. Both are kid-friendly and well-located in Central, but Hong Kong is full of wonderful hotels. Especially in good weather, this neat area of Hong Kong is an overlooked gem.

It is indeed a lake with a woodsy park next to it. Surrey bikes and pedal boats are available to rent. There is also a snack shop. The MTR is an easy subway system to understand because of English signage and maps in each train car.

This is rare. From the Airport : Even though the airport is also on Lantau Island, it takes about 20 minutes or so with no traffic to get to Hong Kong Disneyland. Be sure to take a blue Lantau taxi. Red taxis go to Central, Kowloon and a few other parts of Hong Kong. Green taxis go to the New Territories.

Visitors are primarily from mainland China with Hong Kong residents sprinkled in. The ratio of adults to kids is much higher in comparison to U. Disney parks. She is frequently stopped by very nice mainland Chinese who compliment her features or would like to take a photo of her or with her decide in advance how you feel about this as not to be caught off-guard. Line cutting : Contrary to the polite behavior I mentioned above, there can be line cutting.

Hong Kongers are quick to point out that the people who do this are foreigners.

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Instances of line cutting are becoming less frequent in recent years, but I would suggest you stand in line with purpose and a wide stance, if that makes sense, to prevent people from slipping through. I hope you enjoy your visit to this fantastic Disney park that we love so much.

My husband loves going to Hong Kong, yet he never invites us along! Interesting turn on the line cutting…at the Sphinx in Egypt, it was the Germans who were cutting and jostling the rest of us. Looking forward to the hotel review. I think they must have gotten the memo about touching. No one does that anymore, luckily! Oh, I love Hong Kong! Your part about the train and how inexpensive it is really made me miss zipping around that city with my Octopus card!

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I still have it in my wallet! Thank you for sharing this experience. I had been worried about how crowded the park would be with Mainland tourists but it looks nothing as bad as it can get on the Mainland. It also sounds easier and cheaper than Disneyland Paris albeit smaller. Is there any lost child case in HK Disneyland? I heard many stories about that… Scary…. Hong Kong is a very small place, relatively speaking so if there was an issue I would have heard about it in my parenting circles or in the newspaper when I was living there.

They do have a well marked place off Main Street where you are to go in case your child is lost. I would assume the risk is no greater than at the other Disney parks. In fact, I feel safer at this one. But for right now, it is easy for me to visit Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. Disneyland is a wonderful place to visit no matter where it is located.

I should write about that actually. I prefer Central Hong Kong, which is also expensive. I would say it depends also on how long you are going for. There are also serviced apartments that have small kitchens and can be less expensive and easier for families. We stayed at Central 88 which is in a great location, albeit on a busy street. I also love the Peach Blossom 1 month minimum stay in the mid levels. The MO is not super stroller friendly, getting in and out of the hotel, but there is usually a doorman.

Any of the hotels in Pacific Place Admiralty would be great too. I am less familiar with Kowloon side. Is it the same HKDL? I can ask my friends that still live there. I usually go at the time the fast pass says. Hi, I would be visiting HK this coming may.. Would like to ask your insights on how to travel with 2 kids 8 and 3 yo? Will be there for 4 days and would like to visit Disneyland, more attractions for kids and also shopping. I am a bit confused on where to book hotel without getting the kids too tired due to long travel.

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Where is the optimum place to stay where I would be halfway the airport, shopping areas and disneyland? Or can you give me advise on best option? Thank you so much! I always prefer Central. Central is also about 15 minutes depending on traffic to Ocean Park in the other direction of the airport , another place you must visit with kids. I find Kowloon much too hectic for kids, unless you were at the Peninsula, Intercontinental or Ritz Carlton.

The Ritz is a little out of the way, however. I brought a stroller for my 4-year-old last spring and would have been miserable without it. I will be traveling with my 3 yrs old daughter. I really want to take her to hk Disneyland during this 9 hours wait for the next flight. What is the event or ride where I should take her inside Disneyland within this very short visit. I enjoyed your articles tremendously. Follow the taxi signs and take a blue Lantau taxi to Disneyland. Spend about hours at the park.

Because you get in so early, perhaps call the Disneyland Hotel and see if there is space to dine at the character breakfast before the park opens. You must reserve it well in advance. There is a complimentary bus from Disneyland Hotel to Disneyland that runs frequently and takes just a few minutes. Then from Disneyland take a taxi back to the airport. You never know, but you should miss traffic in the hours you need to transfer.

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